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What is SuperNET?[edit]

SuperNET is a group of people who work on blockchain technology. SuperNET released and will release several applications to make the usage of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general easier.

For example, the superNET platform provides Multigateway, a decentralized crypto-to-crypto exchange that runs on NXT AE. For more information, see the following topics:

What is Iguana?[edit]

Iguana serves as a unified codebase for all of SuperNET's myriad services. In the foreseeable future, the Iguana platform's services will run in a Chrome app or natively via Linux, Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit), OSX, Android and iOS. As envisioned by SuperNET lead developer JL777, Iguana will become "a one-click chrome app. It talks direct to the coin networks as a full peer. It is a polyglot client. Same code for BTC and all compatibles. Using native ramchains. This will allow direct integration of Pangea, Instantdex, Peggy, etc., without any reliance on public nodes for anything.”

Write to [email protected] for an invite to our Slack chat - the channel #iguana has the lastest news on iguana development.

What will be available in SuperNET Iguana client?[edit]

We expect many different clients that use the iguana tech. New agents (think about them like plugins) can be activated inside the iguana powered client, thus extending a clients functionality. It will be possible to have, for example, an InstantDEX GUI client version without any additional functionality besides what InstantDEX will offer. If the user decides that he wants to play decentralized poker with the client he can open the "appstore" and install the Pangea poker agent.

Incomplete list of agents/features:

Lets you easily move your favorite coins, and access and combine their features. You can store your coins on SuperNET's non-centralized exchange, or move them to your personal wallet to best fit your needs.
  • Multigateway, a third-party clearing house for cryptocurrency trades
Decentralized crypto-to-crypto exchange that runs on the NXT Asset Exchange. As a third-party clearing house between trades, stores coins on multi-signature server clusters, with each server only having access to one of various keys - the servers must agree for withdrawals to occur.
Enables (near) real-time trading between cryptocurrencies, NXT MS coins & assets, as well as other services (ie. coin solidation, which allows to send coins (ie. BTC) from all activated exchanges to a single destination.
Cryptocurrency at the heart of the SuperNET that ensures that large-scale surveillance attacks on blockchain finance are impractical and futile. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it does not use coin mixing and is determined to protect user IP association with trades.
  • PAX - Pegged Asset Exchange
Will allow users to lock funds to the value of real-world securities, e.g. assets, currencies, and commodities. With PAX, anyone can invest in stocks or precious metals, lock funds to the US dollar or Euro, and so on, without going through traditional exchanges as well as brokers and their high fees.