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What is SuperNET?[edit]

Supernet is a decentralized platform that acts as a middleman between different blockchain technologies. It offers seamless and smooth interoperability and a common framework of development between several blockchain technologies. As a user you have access to all their innovations from one place.

dPoW, fully decentralized fiat equivalents with PAX, command line spawnable assetchains, DEX, lite node support for 44 currencies, zero footprint 5% APR, round robin mining, ...

Supernet map.png


  • SuperNET is the organization behind the technology
  • SuperNET platform is the low level platform we are developing
  • SuperNET framework refers to the development layer which is built on top of the platform
  • Iguana is the main application we are working on, and it will initially contain - - multiwallet and EasyDEX.
  • Komodo is the infrastructure coin the SuperNET platform uses
  • SuperNET technology refers to everything our organization is developing

Write to [email protected] for an invite to our Slack chat.

Visit our support page at [1]